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Ads in South Africa from Malwapoultry, SP

Ostrich , Emu Chicks & Fertile Eggs For Sale
R 250/pc
Malwapoultry, SP, Kimberley
We guarantee the Ostrich Chicks and Fertile Eggs to be true to breed variety and to arrive in good condition. We sell top quality, farm fresh...
700 Catles, Red Angus Bred Heifers and bull calves for sale
R 7,000/pc
Malwapoultry, SP, Kimberley
Livestock and fowls breeding we are number in producing quality alive animals for dairy, beef and leather purpose. We are a South Africa wide...
500 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass
R 50/pc
Malwapoultry, SP, Kimberley
1st cutting mixed grass/legume (alfalfa, clovers). 650 lb. bales. Net wrapped, No rain, stored inside. Forage test available RFV 98. Delivery...
Healthy Goats/Sheep For Sale
R 1,200/pc
Malwapoultry, SP, Kimberley
Very healthy Boer, sheeps and Kalahari red goats at very affordable prices and are over 5 months old and are all vet checked. During this period...
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